Blogging, the UK and Journaling

Well, I thought I would start a Blog. Technically I am not supposed to but given that South Africa is a free country (isn’t it?) and I don’t intend to post anything that interesting or controversial I expect it will be OK. Still maybe I will stop if I get in trouble. The main reason I started this is because often I think of things and then don’t have a chance to write them down. For example, it occurred to me the other day that blogging is effectively the modern day version of journalling. I have often thought while reading various biographies (in particular Jonathan Edwards which are so reliant on journals that what would someone do if they came to write a biography of me (which I am sure is unlikely but it is good,  to be prepared), so here we go.

It’s been a funny old week being back in Jo’burg. I always find it strange coming back, I love being here but there are things I miss. I enjoyed the bookshops in the UK, Waterstones, in Wimbledon being bigger than any bookshop I have been to in SA! It’s all given me things to read including a book about lying ( and more books by Kevin DeYoung ( a brilliant author who I will no doubt blog about should time permit. Anyway for now down to reading one of my books which I already owned but hadn’t read ‘Pierced for our Transgression’. After reading and reviewing Rob Bell’s book ‘Love Wins’ I found it interesting that his core error seems to spring from his problem with penal substitution, he takes essentially and similar line to Steve Chalke in ‘The Lost Message of Jesus’. So I am reading ‘Pierced for our Transgressions’ to try a understand more fully where these errors come from and why they all tie together. I’m sure I will blog about.

Still be back to the UK and things I miss, BBC Iplayer, fast and cheap internet, Emmanuel Wimbledon and of course friends and family.

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