One line Psalm summaries

Well Marc Lloyd (in his kindness) directed people to my blog, in particular my Psalm wordles which got me the most readership ever namely 34 people (five of them may have been me but there you go, see Marc’s post here although it will just direct you back here ). Still Marc makes the point how this compares to modern hymns. I wonder if we sang the Psalms more often how much better we might know this part of Scripture. And in particularly the book as a whole, I guess we may be familiar with individual Psalms but what about all of them. So over the last few days, in preparation to teach a course on Poetry I have read through every Psalm and tried to write a one line summary of them all. These are not what you might call theme sentences since I just read through them and write down a brief initial summary but it may give you food for thought (if any of the 34 return!) and if you have studied on in depth perhaps suggest your own to build up a better list. Anyway here goes all 150 of them.

One line Psalm Summaries:

  1. The wise man considers God’s word and he last where as the wicked man does neither.
  2. God’s king is king.
  3. The Lord is salvation in trouble.
  4. Cry to the Lord and he will bring safety.
  5. Lead me into righteousness and bless the righteous.
  6. Hear my cry Lord and bring deliverance.
  7. Take refuge in the Lord as the shield for he is might and just so will destroy his enemies.
  8. The Lord is majestic and man in little compared to him.
  9. Recall God’s wonderful works and so will judge his kings enemies.
  10. The threat of the wicked and the cry the God would act in his justice to pursue them.
  11. God is ruling from his holy temple and will destroy his enemies.
  12. The wicked prowl but trust in the Lord and his word to work.
  13. The Lord is far off but we must trust him.
  14. The world scoffs at God but God is the refuge for the weak and the vulnerable.
  15. Only the righteous will dwell on the holy hill.
  16. David outs God at his right hand so he won’t be abandoned.
  17. Plea for God to continue to protect and sustain his king.
  18. God is the rock who comes down to rescue his people and deliver his king.
  19. Again God is the rock and is known through creation and his word.
  20. God saves his anointed king.
  21. The King is to rejoice in the strength of God.
  22. Why have you forsaken me but the king trust in God who is the true king.
  23. The Lord is the shepherd and protects his king.
  24. Lord is the king of glory who shall ascend his hill?
  25. Teach me your ways and redeem Israel.
  26. Vindicate me O God.
  27. The Lord is my light and we should not fear.
  28. The Lord is my strength and shield.
  29. Ascribe glory to the Lord as he rules over all things.
  30. What profit is there in my death so the confidence of the Psalmist in the Lord’s rescue.
  31. Refuge in the Lord confident that the Lord will ultimately deliver him.
  32. Blessed is the one whose sins are forgiven so confess your sins.
  33. God’s steadfast love endures so we rejoice in trusting him.
  34. The Lord is good a delivers those who take refuge in him.
  35. God’s king is under threat but he calls on God to vindicate him.
  36. Cry to God to continue his love to the faithful despite the transgressors’ aggression.
  37. The righteous must look on awaiting for the day when the Lord will cut off the wicked.
  38. Begging that the Lord does not forsake for the Psalmist is guilty before God.
  39. Teach me to measure my days and recognize the weakness.
  40. God is help and deliverer and the kings cries for his help.
  41. God be gracious and blessed for he delights in his servant.
  42. Where is God and why an I left to mourn?
  43. Continued…God will vindicate me
  44. God is king but he has rejected his people
  45. Royal wedding between God’s king and his people.
  46. God is the strength and refuge.
  47. God is king and he reigns over all the nations.
  48. God’s king is to be praised by all nations.
  49. God will ransom my soul.
  50. God will come to judge.
  51. Have mercy on me. O God
  52. Trust in the steadfast love of God, God as refuge.
  53. Global rejection of God as king.
  54. God’s king under fire but trusting in God.
  55. Attacked even by friends but God is still the refuge.
  56. Cry to God who sustains under the greatest attack.
  57. Still under attack but singing to God who bring rescue and refuge.
  58. God will bring judgement and the righteous will rejoice.
  59. Many attack but God laughs as his king takes refuge in Him.
  60. God has rejected is people but they still cry out for help to him.
  61. Cry to God that he may enthrone his king forever.
  62. Trust in God alone as rock and salvation.
  63. The king will rejoice in the God who brings refuge.
  64. God will defend those who take refuge in Him.
  65. God sustains the whole earth.
  66. God has listened and praise for what he has done.
  67. Praise God for he will bless us
  68. God is king who gives power and strength to his people
  69. The people of God and their king are under attack but the God is reliable in the face of the threat.
  70. Call for God to help and deliverance for he is great.
  71. Praise to God that he will be the one who will bring refuge.
  72. Prayer for Solomon the new king,
  73. Godliness seems in vain except within God’s sanctuary.
  74. Cry of desperation for God to remember his promises and his people.
  75. God hears his people’s cry and executes justice.
  76. God is the one to be feared.
  77. Although it seems God has forgotten his Psalmist, the Psalmist will remember God’s faithful acts.
  78. God’s people have always rejected God but God has always been faithful and gracious.
  79. Remember and forgive us drawing us back to him.
  80. That Israel might listen to God and the He would subdue the enemies.
  81. Turn to us and restore us.
  82. Judge the earth and rescue the weak.
  83. Destroy the enemies that they may know the LORD.
  84. How lovely is your dwelling place.
  85. God do not be angry come in your steadfast love.
  86. Show me your favour for you are a gracious God.
  87. The Most High is trustworthy.
  88. God is my salvation but I am under his wrath.
  89. God rejects his king despite his steadfast love.
  90. Return to us and establish the works of our hands.
  91. Because you dwell in the LORD he will be your rescue.
  92. The wicked perish but the righteous flourish.
  93. The LORD reigns over all things.
  94. God sustains under the pressures of attack.
  95. Rejoice in the LORD and do not harden your heart at his word.
  96. The LORD reigns and he will judge so sing to him.
  97. The heavens proclaim the righteousness of God.
  98. Let the world sin as God will judge.
  99. The LORD reigns.
  100. Sing to the LORD as his love endures forever.
  101. God will look on the righteous and judge the wicked.
  102. One under affliction trusts in God’s supreme rule.
  103. Bless the LORD for his steadfast love endures forever.
  104. Creation displays God’s great rule and power.
  105. God’s rescuing power in the exodus.
  106. Recount God’s rescue from Egypt.
  107. God hears and works rescue for his people.
  108. Cry to God for help.
  109. LORD appoints one to judge and defeat my enemies.
  110. The LORD will appoint his Kings on the throne.
  111. Praise the LORD for he remembers his covenant and brings rescue.
  112. The man who delights in God’s commandments is blessed.
  113. God is the one who looks out for the poor and the needy.
  114. The earth trembles at the presence of the LORD.
  115. The LORD is living and worthy of praise.
  116. God will rescue his people even from death.
  117. Praise the LORD for his love towards us.
  118. Give thanks to the LORD for he will not allow death but bring life.
  119. Praise God for his great commands in his word.
  120. Deliver me from the world full of war.
  121. My help comes from the LORD>
  122. Prayer for peace in Jerusalem.
  123. Looking to the LORD for mercy.
  124. If it had not been for the LORD we would have been destroyed.
  125. Those who trust in the LORD are like mountains.
  126. Restore our fortunes that we might have joy.
  127. The LORD watches over and builds the city.
  128. May the LORD bless you from Zion,
  129. May the enemies of Zion be destroyed.
  130. God will redeem his people Israel.
  131. Israel hope in the LORD for ever more.
  132. The LORD swore to David victory and the cruching of the enemies.
  133. It is good and precious to dwell in unity.
  134. Bless the LORD.
  135. God’s people should bless the LORD for he is good.
  136. Give thanks to the LORD as his enduring love is shown in his actions.
  137. Don’t forget Zion remember judgement is coming.
  138. Confidence in God due to his promises despite trouble.
  139. God you know my heart.
  140. Hear me and judge my enemies.
  141. Protect me from the evil of my enemies.
  142. Cry to God to be his refuge.
  143. For you names’ sake preserve me.
  144. LORD be my rock and bring blessings.
  145. Extol the LORD for his greatness.
  146. Praise the LORD for he reigns and redeems in all things.
  147. Sing to the LORD in praise for all that he has done.
  148. All people and all creation praise the LORD.
  149. Let Israel praise the LORD the maker and their salvation.
  150. Praise the LORD!


  1. Thank you for this! It’s what I needed to make today for a meeting I am leading and now I can just use your work! THANKS!

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