Psalm Too

Having worked on Psalms for the past few weeks now I thought I would share some of the resources that I found helpful that they may be able to help more.

Psalm Overview

I’ve not managed to find a good book giving a good and convincing overview of the Psalms but a couple of sets of talks have been a real help:

James Hely-Hutchinson

Is the director of Belgian Bible Institute and he gave an overview of the Psalms which if you have time is superb.

You can find it here on the St Helen’s Media website.

John Woodhouse

James Hely-Hutchinson is excellent but long (five hour long talks) if you want a shorter introduction to the same kind of approach try John Woodhouse’ series here along with some of his other talks on the Proclamation trust website.

Psalm 2

Both speakers identify Psalm 2 as key to understanding the whole collection of the Psalms. I preached on Psalm 2 a couple of weeks ago and found the following sermons helpful:

Charlie Skrine: Here

Craig Toxel: Here

Some great sermons in written form can be found in Dale Ralph Davis’ little book ‘The Way of Righteousness and the Muck of Life’ , which covers Psalms 1-12 (although as yet I have only read 1 and 2).

The question I think Ralph Davis’ book is most helpful on is how Psalm 2 addresses the believer. It is easy to go down the root of Psalm 2 is just condemning everybody and calling us to repent. Although that is true, Ralph Davis picks up that this is a Psalm for God’s people. When they see the attacks of the world against them they are to take comfort that God’s king is on the throne. I am not quite sure I got that quite right when I preached it but I think Troxall picks it up.

Secondly, you can see her the throne which consoles (vv. 4-6). Right off you see the divine reaction to world-wide rebellion. ‘The One who sits in the heavens laughs! The Lord mocks them!’ (v. 4). You get the picture? God is not fazed…

So you live in a world that hates. But you lift your eyes to see see the throne that consoles. I rather like the way that the Jerusalem Bible translate verse 4a: ‘The One whose throne is in heaven sits laughing.’ It’s the same message as Revelation 4: there is a throne – and One who is sitting upon it. Keep you eyes there. Sometime that’s all that will keep you same.

Dale Ralph Davis, The Way of the Righteousness in the Muck of Life, Pg 30, 33

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