Just like Zack and the team…the best of 2011?

Remarkably this picture is from a whole website devoted to SBTB! People have too much time!

Well it would seem the things to do on blogs when it comes to the end of the year is to give you a run down of the top 10 most read posts. It seems to me  like those episode of ‘Saved by the Bell’, or insert your favourite cheap american comedy here, where instead of making a new episode you simply get all the characters in a room (perhaps in a storm to save on lighting) and they begin… ‘Do you remember when…’ cue the wobbly scene and a run VT! Well lets face it saving money is not top of my list (at least when it comes to blogging), but I haven’t blogged for a while (but I’ve been working on a cracker probably going to have to wait for 2012 for the one) and I am waiting for the rain to stop I thought hey let’s give it a go. After all Denny Berry here and The Gospel Coalition did it here, it can only be a matter of time till the key reformed blogger Paul Levy get’s in on the act so I thought I would get in there before him. So for the five people who read my blog here are the top 10 post everybody else accidentally ended  up on:

10. Grasping God’s Word

This was the only one I wanted people to read so if you haven’t done this year make 2012 the year (or you could try to affect the charts before the end of the year).

9. What affects your theology?

Bit of comedy again from peanuts.

8. A Clear and Present Word

Mark Thompson’s (not the BBC executive) book.

7. Why study the Westminster Confession

Well five people obviously had trouble sleeping, hope I helped!

6. Psalm Too

Some resources on Psalm 2 which I hope well, the 8 people, found useful.

5. What would Jesus tweet?

With less views than characters in a tweet this still managed to come in at number 5!

4. There was a preacher called Spurgy

A little ditty for you.

3. More visual representations of the Bible

More pictures, everybody loves pictures.

2. Psalm Wordles

Well I’m surprised this didn’t make number one but there you go…pretty pictures about the psalms.

1. One line Psalm summaries

With a grand total of 185 hits top of the pops goes to the one line summaries, I’ll say no more.

If you are reading this please leave comment and tell me who you are I am curious.

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