Some Books worth Reading

Over the last number of month I have been reading. People think I read alot I am not sure I do but I am careful what II read, often they are related to particular subjects which for various reason I have been interested in so I though I would share a few. They are not full review just some thoughts.


I have been preaching on Romans for the last few weeks and the following have been invaluable.

Christopher Ash: Teaching RomansChristopher Ash: Teaching Romans

You can’t go wrong with Christopher Ash. I remeber his lectures at Cornhill on which these books were based and I am grateful since their publication I don’t need to search out my notes. Ash deals with all the difficult bit but best of all gives you helpful hints and structures on how you might teach them.

You can also find some of Christophers  sermons on Roman’s onlilne which help you see how he goes  from the working in the book to the final product.

Available: Amazon, Christian Focus, Christin Book DiscountersICM Books

Douglas Moo: RomansDouglas Moo: The Epistle to the Romans, John Murray: The Epistle to the Romans

Beyond Christopher’s book I have found two commentaries very helpful. Although one replaced the other in the NICNT series they come from quite different perspectives with the reformed tradition. It is very though provoking reading them both.

Available (Moo): Amazon, ICM Books, Christian Book Discounters

Available (Murray): Amazon, Christian Book Discounters

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