Getting by for Free…

One of the advantages of my theological study has it has opened my eyes a bit more to the depth of study possible in working with scripture. However the tool I have needed have not always been at my fingertips. I have considered investing in something like Logos or Accordance but so far haven’t quite been convinced of the value for money. In the meantime I have got by with what is free (or cheap) and here is what I found:

Bibles and the Original Text

Here I will focus on actual text study I may do another post on commentaries etc. although they a rarely free, if you want the most up to date scholarship you normally have to pay!

Bible Gateway

Although this will be very familiar it has the most comprehensive collection of English (and other language) translations and can be helpful in comparing them, however unfortunately no original languages and the formatting of the site makes it difficult to copy and paste into a word processor without some reformatting.

Blue Letter Bible

This is very similar to Bible gateway but with slightly more options and a little easier to copy and paste from. There are also some original language options which Bible Gateway doesn’t have.

Bible Web App

This is a simple and extremely useful site. You can have two columns with the original language in one column and the English (NASB) in the other. You can get definitions of the word by hovering over either the English or the original language and as you to the corresponding word is highlighted in the other column. You can also search by a word. Although the tools are basic and really just restricted to language work, the ease of use of this site makes it one of my go too sites.

I haven’t found the mobile site has worked as I might have expected it is best used on the desktop.

Great Treasure

This site does much the same as Bible Web App but offers a little more functionality. You pay for that in ease of use but for word studies and comparing translation this is a great resource.


Not a website but software is a great resources. The basic translations come free (KJV, ESV, TR Greek…) but you have to pay the price of a bible for the likes of NIV, NASB… The advantage is the ability to use it offline and it is by far the easiest to copy and paste from. The parallel option is nice although it is not great for language work.

The Word

I only discovered the recently and it works similar to e-sword but has more language tools, similar to bible web app. However is less intuitive and easy to use as e-Sword.

UBS 4th Edition and Nestle Aland Text

For a while now I have been trying to see if there is any alternative to the TR greek text online. The pedantic in me always checks the TR against my bound copy of the UBS 4th Edition. Finally I have discovered there is, the German Bible Society have put the full texts of the UBS 4th Edition and online in an easy copy and paste format.

Bible Study Tools

Here are lot of useful resources including commentaries and the BDB lexicon of Hebrew which is useful to know.

Louw-Nida Lexicon Reverse Look-Up

I had to use this Lexicon for my studies and it was quite useful, unfortunately the full version is not available online but I got by with this reverse look up.


If like me sometime you want to print things out to write all over them this has pdf pages of interlinear for the whole bible, there is also a free download version.

None of these are the complete package and I find myself switching between them all but they may remain a viable alternative to paying large amounts for a complete package. Is this enough to get by for free or should I bite the bullet? If you know of others pleas comment below.

(Sorry if you onnly get this because of my post on singleness and this is boring, I am attempting to write a book on that issue so maybe there will be something for you some time in the future!)

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