Give us today our daily bread

11 Give us today our daily bread.

For many, particularly in the more affluent areas of the world, or those used to stable employment, the empty shelves, and the panic buying have perhaps brought this request closer to home. Even if you have the money, necessary to buy your daily bread, we have been reminded in the past few days, that such provision is not guaranteed. Of course, many do not need this reminder, they live day by day not knowing the next meal is coming from, and at this time are filled with further anxiety and concern.

Like all the lines of this prayer, we are given a challenge and a comfort. The challenge, which is particularly pertinent at this present time, is to our self-sufficiency. Many of us, like to be prepared for every situation, what else explains people’s stockpiling? It is humbling to be told to pray for daily bread, even if we know we need it. We cannot get through even one hour without the gracious provision of our God.

We ask for our daily bread, our basic need, day by day. And yet this challenge to our self-sufficiency is met with the comfort of God’s provision. The whole prayer is couched in the initial address that God is our heavenly Father. We do not trust the supermarket or supply chain, but in our heavenly, and he teaches us that our daily dependence should be on him and his provision.

The first request for our needs is exactly that, not a request for our wants, but our needs at that. Jesus teaches us to ask him for such needs, shows our insufficiency and our heavenly Fathers sufficiency. ‘Petitions looking to God as the sole and omnicompetent source of supply of all human needs, down to the most mundane, are expressing truth, and as the denying of our own self-sufficiency humbles us, so the acknowledging of our dependence honours God,’

Of course, Christians go hungry, Christians get COVID-19. This prayer does not mean all our physical needs will be met, but it does mean that God does not ignore our physical needs. And he will give us all that we need, in his care, that we might live our daily lives in glorious worship to him as he has ordained and commanded.

At this time, when we are all more conscious of our need, won’t you do what Jesus teaches you to do. Come to him, ask him each day for your daily bread and trust him to provide, as he sees fit. To ask him for your daily bread, will increase your daily dependence on him. That will be a good thing at this time.

Heavenly Father,

Give us our daily bread,

Everything that we need to honour you today.

In Jesus name,


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