Deliver Us

13 And lead us not into temptation, 

but deliver us from the evil one.

From what do we need protection or deliverance from, all around the world the answer today would be the same, it is the coronavirus virus. We have seen, that God our Father in heaven, who provides us with our daily bread, does indeed offer us help and comfort in any and every area that we ask him. We can trust him and come to him with confidence at this time.

But as the request forgiveness reminded us that there is a deeper problem than this current crisis, so we are called to seek protection from this deeper problem. Again, this does not mean that we cannot cry out for our need now, but it reminds us that we can, we must ask for more, not just protection from sickness but protection from evil. Many have spoken of the warlike experience of this time, and it should remind us of the daily battle every Christian is called to. Just as we may feel helpless in the face of this virus, the same is true, and much more so, in the face of evil. “By ourselves, we are too weak to hold our own even for a moment. And our sworn enemies – the devil, the world, and our own flesh – never stop attacking us.”[1] As we call out to God in our need, for physical health, so we must do the same in the spiritual war of which we are more helpless. But just as we have taken comfort in God’s ability to help us with our physical need so we can take comfort in God’s ability to help us in our spiritual need,

Praying that God does not lead us into temptation, does not mean that God causes or provokes us to sin, “what temptation means here [is] “Test” or “trial” – that is, a situation which reveals how far you are able to go right and avoid going wrong”[2]. Many of us will feel that this time itself is a time of trial or temptation. However, we can be confident, even at this time that God can deliver us from temptation (1 Cor. 10:13). But only he can do it, and so we must cry to him.

Even now, the devil prowls, he is seeking to entrap, but again we can pray with confidence, for deliverance from the evil one. Our Father has already defeated him through his Son, and so we can be confident that he will do the same for us. The devil would love to use this time for his purposes, but our heavenly father offer protection and comfort, so let us cry out to him.


Heavenly Father,

We know that evil is real and more dangerous than anything that this world might bring.

At this time particularly, lead us not into temptation.

As we are alone, show us, your grace, that we may no to sin and yes to godliness.

And protect us from the ways of the devil, that we might live in this time as you children.

In Jesus name,


[1] The Heidelberg Catechism, A. 127

[2] Packer, p. 195

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