My name is Ben Williamson, I am an English man who lives in South Africa. I have and interest in theology and a concern that the Church might be built to glorify Christ. I rarely blog but sometimes when I think about things I share them. I am the minister of Christ Church Hillbrow. I am also a harsh critic for my preaching group at the Johannesburg Bible College.¬†I am a mission partner with Crosslinks and you can read about me (if you so wish) here. I obviously don’t have a wife or family, but I do have 12 (now 13) nieces and nephews whom I pray will grow into a nation!

I grew up at Emmanuel Wimbledon and had the misfortune of working for the infamous Paul Levy for two years at IPC Ealing while studying at PT Cornhill in London. I have an Honours in Theology at North West University.

I also have an interest in technical things such as building website (of which I have built a couple).


    • Kip,

      I know you! We went on holiday a couple of years ago with the aforementioned Michael Dormandy and David Lowry. In fact (and I feel bad about this) I still have your DVD of 300, however I am in Johannesburg now!


  1. Ben, what’s your e-mail address? I have a minister friend hoping to come out to SA early next year (on Sabbatical) and wanted to connect you. Hope you’re well and encouraged in the LORD.

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